We want to enable a world where employee wellbeing is the key to company success

COVID-19 changed everything; from the way we conduct our day-to-day lives to the whole idea of Work. Gartner estimated that 88% of organizations have encouraged or mandated workers to work from home, and expects half of the workforce to continue practising some form of remote work, post-pandemic. Employee burn-out has become a top concern. Technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning is making jobs and industries obsolete in our lifetime.

Workers need to learn, unlearn and relearn skills to stay relevant. The gig-economy and the skills-economy is on the rise. It’s the brave new world of The Future of Work, and employee engagement, upskilling, productivity, and wellbeing has become top-of-mind for business leaders everywhere.

Your organization’s survival and growth depend on digital transformation. It starts with digitizing your HR and engaging your workforce. However, 80% of companies surveyed are struggling with HR tech adoption challenges.

You need a new approach to succeed.


Founded in 2015, SelfDrvn is an industry leading Employee Experience Technology platform to help leading organizations build a future-ready workforce that is agile, flexible and innovative. We apply Analytics, Gamification and Digital Nudges to improve employee engagement, learning, collaboration and productivity, leading to your business growth and winning in the marketplace.

We are here to help organizations

Become a talent magnet by delivering a superior workforce experience that will improve talent attraction and retention.

Drive high performance and digital transformation with a highly engaged, upskilled workforce.

Simplify the management of an on-demand, gig workforce to deliver great customer experience.


How do we do it?

SelfDrvn, our intuitive platform available on iOS & Android devices, web browsers and Microsoft Teams is uniquely tailored to employees working digitally and accessible from anywhere. Our suite of employee experience solutions enables the work-from-anywhere culture that is based on trust and accountability.

Tackle user adoption issues and lower your total cost of ownership of employee applications with our all-in-one gamified platform that covers employee communication, peer feedback, recognition, rewards, goal-setting and employee wellness.

Ever heard of employee survey fatigue? Go beyond measuring how engaged your employees are. Turn engagement measures into behaviours, and build the habit with gamification and positive psychology powered by SelfDrvn technology. Our analytics and digital nudges improve the day-to-day decision of HR, managers and employees, helping them focus and become self-driven.

You are in good company

Many forward-looking organizations trust SelfDrvn to drive their business outcomes by powering their employee experience. The results speak for themselves.

Positive Impact of a Great Workforce Experience


Increase in monthly sales per sales rep
up arrow


Improvement in employee wellness program participation
up arrow


Of employees completed micro-learning
up arrow


Improvement in digital learning completion
up arrow


Employees hired from internal referral
up arrow



Fewer sick days annually per employee

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