SelfDrvn wins prestigious industry awards ahead of 5th year anniversary

SelfDrvn awarded by HR Vendors of the Year 2019

SelfDrvn Enterprise – The Best HR Tech Start-Up (Silver), Singapore


Singapore Best HR Tech Startup Company 2019 (Silver)

Singapore Best Employee Engagement Platform 2019 (Bronze)

Malaysia Best Employee Engagement Platform 2019 (Bronze)

SelfDrvn, a Gartner nominated vendor for Employee Experience Tech and Human Capital Management, has recently been recognized with awards in the categories of Best HR Tech Startup and Best Employee Engagement Platform at Singapore and Malaysia’s HR Vendors of the Year Awards 2019.

SelfDrvn helps businesses deliver actionable insights and tangible improvement in on-the-job-performance, employee engagement and learning (in as little as 6 months), by harnessing a unique combination of real-time feedback, social learning, rewards, big data analytics and gamification to overcome conventional HR’s challenges to learning, engagement and performance management.

Since its establishment in 2015, SelfDrvn’s impact in creating a winning workplace that helps companies win in the marketplace, has been tangibly demonstrated in a Malaysian telco by 820 frontliners on the SelfDrvn platform who achieved double the sales of frontliners not on the platform.

Other commercial benefits delivered by the SelfDrvn platform include improved employee productivity and increased software quality in a software company by 250% over 3 years.

Such tangible outcomes have led to SelfDrvn successfully winning a multi-year subscription agreement with one of the largest global audit and accounting professional services companies, expanding our user base to almost 4000 of its employees in 2 countries in South East Asia.

In addition, SelfDrvn has also completed a successful pilot for one of the largest regional banks and is in the process of launching the system to over 30,000 bank-wide employees in 2020.

SelfDrvn works closely with 24 global business partners in the areas of HR Consulting and Digital Transformation across Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Mongolia, Europe and Australasia, enabling them to improve their consultant offerings with a mobile, digital people analytics platform.

“It is a huge privilege for a young startup like SelfDrvn Enterprise to win awards for Singapore’s Best HR Tech Startup (Silver) and Best Employee Engagement Platform (Bronze) in both Singapore and Malaysia,” said Lam Mun Choong, Founder and CEO of SelfDrvn Enterprise. “Many thanks to our customers for your support and trust in us, the judging panel, and last but not least our passionate, innovative and never say die team in Singapore, Malaysia and India. That said, beyond the awards, it is the on-ground impact to employees that ultimately translate to business success for enterprises that I am most proud of and keeps us pushing forward,” he added.

These wins complement ongoing accolades for digital innovation that SelfDrvn has received from IBM Watson Asia Pacific, the Create @ Alibaba Startup Contest and Plug & Play Singapore.

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SelfDrvn Best Best HR Tech Start-Up

SelfDrvn Enterprise – The Best Employee Engagement Platform (Bronze), Singapore and Malaysia

Agile Performance Management

Agile Performance Management

The Annual Performance Review is dead.

That’s what you’d found if you are researching on the internet on employee performance management these days. Fortune 1000 companies like General Electric are reportedly abandoning annual performance reviews in favor of a more agile way of managing and motivating employee performance.

Source: Business Insider (Side bar)

What is the manager’s typical sentiment on annual reviews? According to a research conducted with Fortune 1000 companies by CEB Research, the process is widely viewed by managers and HR as largely ineffective in providing accurate information in helping employee performance. The effectiveness of annual reviews is increasingly affected by rapid changes at the workplace (see info-graphic below)

Source: CEB Research, PwC Millennials at Work Report, Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2016

Why is this happening?

Our recommendation to improve annual reviews
  1. Adopt agile management principles into performance management. For example, performance check-ins can be structured like a quick 10-20 minute weekly 1:1 huddle between manager and employee. 
  2. Create an open culture where regular peer feedback is encouraged and rewarded. Real time peer feedback when combined with coaching makes performance reviews more effective. A great way to culture the culture of feedback is to reward employees who give out helpful feedback to help their peers improve.
  3. Set peer feedback goals for every employee, to make feedback more real-time, allow employees to not only give peer feedback, but also solicit them from their peers any time.
  4. Apply Agile & S.M.A.R.T principles in employee goal setting. Manage them like 7- to 30-day sprints.
  5. Strike a balance between setting corporate KPI and personal goals for employee. Ask employees about what they expect from an experience, growth and contribution perspective and include mutually agreed objectives as part of their development goals.
  6. Use peer feedback to help managers set improvement goals for employees.
  7. Digitize real time peer feedback to reduce the time taken for managers and HR to collect and analyse peer feedback. An intuitive mobile peer feedback app will do wonders to the level of adoption of peer feedback among employees.

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