SelfDrvn Supports in Best Graduates Hiring

SelfDrvn Supports in Best Graduates Hiring

Day by day fresh graduates are forming an enormous number in the entire workforce. With organizations are in the midst of catering to the needs of the fresh graduates across the globe there seem to be a strong demand for internships and graduate development programs as well as a concrete framework in hiring the best graduates. The next in line challenge that appears is the retention of these graduates and ensure they are happy and engaged with the organization culture, work and environment. Certain organizations managed to champion this whereas the remaining may struggle badly or at average level or eventually they may find a best solution to overcome the situation.

‘More than 13,800 students and fresh graduates from local universities participated in the annual Singapore Graduate Barometer survey, which ran from April 2018 to February 2019. According to the survey, the top five key factors that influence students’ selection of employers are (as quoted in an article released in Tech in Asia by Cheryl Tan on fresh graduates working preferences, July 2019)’. The results is based on annual national graduate careers survey by GTI Media Singapore.

(5 Key Factors as quoted by the article)
1. Good career prospects: Seeing the promise of promotions and professional growth opportunities
2. Positive employer leadership: Knowing that they would be working under effective, principled leaders
3. Personal development opportunities: Being able to grow their personal skill sets beyond the realm of work (e.g., soft skills, personal interests, etc.)
4. Being appreciated at work: Having visible recognition for work done and knowing that their efforts have an impact
5. Friendly colleagues: Working in a positive, collaborative environment that’s free from workplace politics


SelfDrvn Key Offering in line with the 5 Key Factors

 Employee Leadership

Positive employer leadership: Knowing that they would be working under effective, principled leaders

SelfDrvn services and offerings empower organizations to achieve most of the above mentioned key factors. Firstly, taking into account the empowerment of leadership traits and organization embracing digitization and combining engagement, learning and technology, we have successfully implemented the gamification concept. It strongly supports leaders to be role models and capitalize on opportunity growth in five key areas namely, gamify leadership task, recognize employee’s positive behavior changes in the rewards system, simplifies feedback for both leaders and employees, empower coaching with employees’ Artificial Intelligence Word Cloud to create a transparent goal setting for performance management purpose.

SelfDrvn empowers leaders with gamification and becoming role model with the features introduced by us. The gamification tool also increases the motivation level of employees and engagement level as they absorb and able to view the real life work scenarios. On top of that, data extracted from the gamification exercise can be a great source for leaders in identifying employee gaps and managing them effectively.



Personal development opportunities: Being able to grow their personal skill sets beyond the realm of work (e.g., soft skills, personal interests, etc.)

Next is the personal development opportunities in which mobile learning, also known as m-learning upkeeps the learning with the needs and gives fresh graduates the flexibility to learn at their pace and ensure learning becomes more interactive and engaging. SelfDrvn has designed the development program in m-learning platform in a way that most of the tasks and communication efforts with their colleagues can be done electronically, at their own speed and preferences. All these aims to capitalize on digital learning heading towards better engagement and learning management.

Another development of learning option that we have introduced to our client is aligned with the need with current generations, a bite size learning such as Podcast and Vodcast, quizzes, case studies and tool to provide feedback and blended learning. Fresh graduates will then clearly understand learning is in their hands and just a click away. SelfDrvn solutions connect the power of an engaging learning platform with anytime and anywhere access. No more classroom based training only for 8 hours, but we have injected a blended learning approach, they can learn on the go with mobile application during the break and free time and engage closely with their colleagues.



Being appreciated at work: Having visible recognition for work done and knowing that their efforts have an impact

Lack of engagement exceedingly backs up a high employee turnover especially among newer generations, Empowerment and inspiring are two important words for them and failure to have this leads to low engagement levels gearing towards unable to foster talent and unleash their true potential. Gamification is one of our solution for this in which employees tend to love the content and wants to come back for more as they seek to top the Leaderboard with points and several badges that creates strong competition.

From the recognition point of you, we drive motivation with rewards and feedback in promoting job well done, positive behavior changes through timely recognition, acknowledge High Performers with Real-World Rewards, publicize Achievements (Employee of the Month) to create multiplier effect. On top of that, Leaderboard enables achievement, transparency and healthy competition among as well as provide incentives to employees with real-world rewards. As for the non-rewards recognition and feedback as highly preferred by many, the platform exhibits the association between employers and employees by enabling powerful feedback features.


Millennial Workforce 2 _SelfDrvn

Friendly colleagues: Working in a positive, collaborative environment that’s free from workplace politics

Our content creator option provides knowledge sharing platform in getting the best from all generations and subject matter experts (SMEs). The platform allows employees to contribute contents in spreading knowledge within the organization and information dissemination to all. Another option of allowing employees to collaborate and share knowledge with the rest as well as reflects the participation rate of each employees. This can be a perfect for fresh graduates as they enjoy sharing news and contents besides other social media platform such as Facebook and heading towards higher happiness and collaborative environment within the workplace.

SelfDrvn broadcasted a single platform for two-way communication channel, built effective communication that energizes motivation and performance with easy information sharing. Employees are now able to connect directly with any units, teams and departments for inquiries and it notifies employees with real-time functions Employee has easy access to all applications and latest company product updates and promotion can be shared or announced in a single platform. The platform provides opportunity for employees to voice their opinions such as ideas related to customer relationship management, new product offerings, employee engagement efforts and etc.

In a nutshell, SelfDrvn has conducted several researches on the needs and working style of fresh graduates and actively injected these features in our offerings aiming to better support our clients in managing learning, engagement, rewards and recognition as well as the top 5 key concerns highlighted above.

SelfDrvn Featured in Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace, 2019

SelfDrvn Featured in Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace, 2019

SelfDrvn operates as a single digital solution to engage, reward and retain talents for great organization growths. Now it is a proud moment for us as our immense efforts have been recognized for the 2nd consecutive year under the Employee Experience category for the Gartner Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace, 2019.

What is Gartner 2019 Hype Cycle Report?


Gartner Hype Cycle_selfdrvn

Figure 1. Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace, 2019, Source Gartner

The Gartner’s report summarizes three themes about the future of work as it underpins the digital workplace leaders:

  • A strong core collection of application whereby employees allocate most time in the coming decade at least. Key emphasis are on collaborative work management, content collaboration, workstream collaboration and meeting solutions.
  • The Employee Experience impacts several technologies, most of the time via vendors’ dedication to simplify and ease the usage and is fundamental to digital handiness. Some examples are internal talent marketplaces and Employee Experience Tech (EXTech).
  • Enablement practices are a mixture of technologies and services developed to assist the workforce cultivate the ability and ambition to further integrate technology especially relevant for data scientists and developers.


SelfDrvn, sample Vendor in the Employee Experience Tech (EXTech) Platform category

Benefit Rating: High

Market Penetration: 1% to 5% of target audience

Maturity: Emerging


Employee Experience technologies are a varied combination of solutions created to enhance and influence organizational culture and Employee Experience. Two disciplines, behavioral economics and positive psychology are the core focus to maximize Employee Experience in line with organization values and business goals.  SelfDrvn has been actively involved in enhancing Employee Experience within the digital space. One of the areas that SelfDrvn has been emphasizing is the emerging future of work which is one of the ultimate demand and emphasis at this point of time. As a practice we highly incorporate Employee Experience principles in our application and solution designs.

According to Research VP, HCM Technology Transformation at Gartner, Ron Hanscome, “In contrast, EXTech solutions and product features seek to increase adoption, engagement and performance through such elements as recommendations, nudges, mindfulness, and connecting workers to others as well as to common purposes. This concept (originally covered by “worker engagement platforms”) has appeared in various disciplines such as gamification, social responsibility, wellness, industry-specific WFM solutions, and social recognition tools”.

SelfDrvn integrative and interactive SaaS platform gives clients data-driven and actionable insights to effectively manage employee engagement in which it encourages talent recognition, rewards positive behaviour and achievement with appreciation badges, points and various levels. Furthermore, it integrates gamification allowing an effective feedback system to help you build trust, cultivate leadership, and include your team in decisions that elevates your company.

In SelfDrvn some of our approaches include but not limited to ongoing simulation, gamification, feedback, mentoring and coaching, employee motivation and encouragement, digital learning, healthy competition, team synergy and participation in social activities social recognition and personalization. In other words, our solution strongly supports multiple activities in ensuring positive employee experience. We create quick wins for employees to experience the benefits from our solutions and it improves the quality of multiple communication and engagement at workplace.


Business Impact vs Employee Experience


There has to be a robust and positive correlation between business impact and employee experience in order for business to taste success. Motivating and empowering employees is nowadays a fundamental task. SelfDrvn adopts various solutions and techniques to upkeep an ever-improving experience that drive motivation and engagement, thus add value to business performance and outcomes leading towards an agile culture in organization. This further supports the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) aiming at improving business and individual performance can help to improve the overall employment value proposition over time by better integrating Employee experience organization’s branding and goals.


Moving Forward


As positive and strong impact on Employee Experience is a definite success for business and employee growth and retention. As almost all organizations are striving towards this goal, we play a significant role in championing Employee Experience across various businesses and industries. As the digital era is moving faster than the lightning speed, we have a stronger role to play in ensuring success for all clients and partners.


About SelfDrvn

SelfDrvn was established in 2015 by our CEO, Lam Mun Choong — an entrepreneur with a background in software engineering and a passion for understanding human sciences. Our mission is to enable a world where employee wellbeing is the key to company success. We want to help companies develop a thriving workplace culture that can build great employee engagement, recognition, retention and performance. So we’ve designed a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform that can help organisations improve engagement with their employees and customers through effective communicationgamificationand behavioral analytics. Our product is part technologypart psychology, and part process. We believe that positive empowerment and people-centred strategies are the keys to building a successful business.


Gartner Disclaimer

Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

The Gartner Peer Insights Logo is a trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc., and/or its affiliates, and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.


Managing Millennials – Hitting the Right Chord

Managing Millennials – Hitting the Right Chord

Regardless of opinion, Millennials seem to be almost the largest in the workforce at the moment. A significant number of leaders especially those from the previous generations of Millennials struggle to manage them effectively. Some of the leaders over the time manage to blend in and understand them which helps in getting things done through the Millennials yet few have to call for the end of the collaboration due to the generation gap and clashes of opinion. First and foremost, the best way to manage a Millennials is to combat the most common stereotypes about them.

These 3 key highlights may help leaders to better understand and manage the millennials thoughtfully.


1. Create Meaning


Millennials strive and dream to create meaning in almost everything that they embark on. They are optimistic and always want to achieve their goals in their own unique way. Being appreciated and valued not just from superiors but peers too are some of their expectations at work, in other word recognition is their distinct feature. Work and target accomplishment is very meaningful to them as they prefer to share it electronically. One of their greatest satisfaction is the sharing on social media, being their daily and continuous boost for them both at work and personal life. They find this engaging and fulfilling.


2. Freedom is Key 


Give them the key to freedom or unlock them to achieve freedom within their known and comfort boundaries. Micromanaging is definitely not acceptable by many but then is more predominant among the millennials as they hate being micromanaged and having a close monitoring system on them. Having a personal space and a strong self-belief in themselves are ultimate expectation from everyone around them. Not just that, Millennials want their opinions, ideas and thoughts to be considered and if rejected it should be accompanied with a solid justification. This is highly essential to them. An optimistic approach and the strong self-confidence combined with ability to support and make the business lucrative and profitable in unique and creative ways are other key characteristics in them.


3. Growth Opportunity


It might not be an overstatement if I say everyone of us look for opportunity and growth at workplace and there is no exception for Millennials. With the concept of rank and file becoming outdated, a quick jump and progression in career is becoming more and more popular. A sturdy strength in Millennials is their capability to bring positive and productive changes in business and making things move with the speed of the lightning. In line with these changes and contribution to business they want a fast career progression combined with job satisfaction and concrete engagement at workplace.

In order to get the best out of Millennials, invest more time to better understand them and their working style and get rid of the wrong and harmful myths about them.



SelfDrvn Gamifies IDC Asean’s Big Data Conference

SelfDrvn Gamifies IDC Asean’s Big Data Conference

What if an event got you so excited you wanted it to go on for as long as possible? Would you be more willing to attend a conference if you knew you’d be having fun the entire time while learning new things and meeting important contacts? We would be thrilled.

Using a similar engagement system that companies use to motivate employees and customers, events have turned to gamifying the entire experience. This includes using gamification elements such as points, badges, rewards, and leaderboards. We’ve shown how companies can use these components while tapping into intrinsic human needs to create a fun and engaging experience.

IDC used this principle in its Big Data, Analytics & Cognitive Systems Conference 2016 on 6 December in Kuala Lumpur. The multinational market research, analysis and advisory firm tapped SelfDrvn Enterprise for its expertise in engagement and gamification systems, to provide a platform to keep event attendees engaged throughout the event.

“The gamification and event engagement of the IDC conference was quite effective from the delegates’ point of view. It allowed them to ‘battle’ and kept them ‘awake’ by collecting points and badges from the gamified activities. From my personal experience, the advantage that the IDC MY app has over the previous few conference apps that we have used is its gamified activities.” — JC Ting Pang Yau, IDC’s ASEAN Events Manager

The IDC MY app, powered by SelfDrvn, featured gamification elements such as points, badges, and rewards — claimable for real-world prizes. The idea was not to turn the event into a game. Rather, it was to create a more satisfying event by integrating gamification principles to better engage attendees, exhibitors, vendors, and sponsors.

JC Ting Pang Yau, IDC’s ASEAN Events Manager explained that the aim of gamifying the event was to provide a digital experience for event attendees. “The app improves the digital (paperless) platform and experience, and allowed attendees participate in more gamified activities, compared with the programs and onsite experience of traditional conferences.”

Some of our favorite features were the integrated digital feedback, Message In A Bottle (MIB), and real-time notifications. Imagine going for a quick lunch and that one presentation that you so much wanted to listen to starts because you forgot to check the time. The notifications made it easier for attendees to know what was happening and when.

With MIB, attendees could give feedback to IDC based on survey questions and other users can rate the responses received to give IDC a better idea of what attendees think. The system also generates a word cloud of popular words or phrases, making easier for organizers to visualize trends.

Other functional features include a news feed, where attendees post real-time updates, feedback, and comments, as well as Stepathon, which allowed users to compete against each other for the highest number of steps during the conference.

We go to business events to learn new ways of doing things and to connect with other people. Gamification improves that connection, bringing people together to share an experience in an engaging and satisfying way.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn how we can gamify your event and increase engagement and improve results.

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