Level up how you motivate and engage with your employees.

How do you help your employees to thrive in the present, and upskill for the future, without doing a thousand calls?

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Why SelfDrvn?

Performance & Productivity. Enhanced.

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Employee Motivation

Increase in Employees being recognised

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Employee Upskilling

Employee completion of micro learning

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Topline Improvement

Increase in monthly sales per sales rep




Employee Wellbeing

Lower annual sick days per employee

SelfDrvn in Action

The Client

A global professional services firm in South-East Asia

The Challenge

  • To improve employee wellbeing with a positive culture of wellness and recognition
  • To cultivate the practice of company core values

The Solution

SelfDrvn was implemented to

  • Empower managers to recognize & reward employees in real time
  • Gamify a weekly ‘Stepathon’ challenge to encourage employees to stay active
  • Allow employees to redeem digital vouchers from popular lifestyle vendors of their choice in real time

The Outcome


Improvement in employee participation in corporate wellness
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Employees recognized by their managers
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Voluntary participation in digital wellness & recognition programs
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Improved employer branding when employees regularly shared their achievements & recognitions received on social media

What SelfDrvn Can Do For You

Focus Your Team
on Desired Outcomes

Help your teams focus on desired outcomes, monitor results in real-time, and trigger digital nudge interventions to encourage hitting of unmet targets, before it’s too late.

Drive Team Performance
with Employee Recognition
  • Motivate your employees to achieve business and upskilling goals.
  • Leverage on a digital platform to instantly recognise and reward your high performers, and drive employee engagement and on-the-job satisfaction.
Support Holistic
Employee Wellbeing.
  • Employee absenteeism costs companies billions of dollars in lost productivity, wages, poor customer experience and excess management overhead.
  • With remote work rising, how do you effectively support employee wellbeing?
  • Help employees bring their best to work by improving their wellbeing, socially, mentally, physically with SelfDrvn.

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