SelfDrvn steps forward to provide an end to end digital health solution

“SelfDrvn allows participants to interact with each other in the program. They can now compete with each other. Previously there is no live or interactive fitness activities like this where people can comment or like the posts as well to upload video in the platform.
It is different in terms of engagement.”

– Wan Shafizal Darli Wan Shahrir, Consultant, HealthPro

Providing More Effective Support for Fitness and Wellness Initiatives

Organisations understand the struggle to keep employees continually engaged and aligned with their corporate objectives, even when these benefit the employees themselves. Ensuring talent prioritise health and wellness brings tremendous benefit not just to the individual but the organisation as a whole, in terms of productivity and the financial bottom line.

With these issues in mind, AmMetLife, a well-established insurer in Malaysia, embarked on a wellness journey with the help of HealthPro. A corporate wellness partner, HealthPro was engaged to bring to bear their eight years of experience in conducting programmes, talks and workshops supporting fitness and health initiatives.

Challenges: Offline approach for Wellness Management Restricts Visibility and Engagement

Initially, HealthPro relied primarily on an offline approach to manage and deliver their wellness programmes. Digital and tech tools were limited, sporadic and restricted by the narrow confines of the tools employed. Consequently, there was insufficient visibility and thereafter, an inability to track the effectiveness of their campaigns. Drop-offs in engagement were not captured systematically or quickly enough.

Objective: Building a Digital Solution to Drive User Engagement

HealthPro was looking to solve a few challenges.

First, they wanted a digital solution that would complement their offline approach. They needed something responsive and which worked in real-time. It needed to embody all the functionality users have come to expect from social media and digital tools – a seamless and intuitive interface, heavy focus on aesthetics and visual stimuli, real-time reporting and analytics.

Second, they wanted the ability to leverage the communication efforts between HealthPro and the users as well as support peer to peer interaction, camaraderie and the fun, competitive spirit that would develop as a result.

Third, they wanted real-time reporting so that drops in engagement could be captured and then addressed in a timely fashion. Fourth, they appreciated the value of gamification in the digital solution because it would drive engagement further.

RoBo Trainer provides a 24/7 Immersive Experience for all


HealthPro approached SelfDrvn who met all of these requirements beautifully through their digital solution. It worked well because it ran conveniently on both web and mobile applications to provide a truly immersive experience. In effect, the digital approach served not just to complement but enhance their offline programmes, print collateral and communication strategy for maximum impact.

SelfDrvn was launched via the introduction of the RoBo Trainer, whereby users would get 24/7 access to advice from different facilitators as well as peer sharing. When users performed the actions desired, they would get rewarded. Aesthetics and visual stimuli were key – a range of formats including text, animation and videos were shared with users and there was regular prompting for certain actions to be taken with the promise of instant rewards. Real-time feedback and point collection served to create and sustain the positive behavioural change required.

There were a few features in the SelfDrvn solution that helped bring all of these varied elements together. Stepathon, a step counting activity, designed to motivate users to lose weight coupled with goal setting, points and badges showcased by the leaderboard provided the necessary elements of fun, competitive spirit and reward so critical to engagement and sustained use. At the same time, this allowed HealthPro to systematically roll out knowledge assessments, surveys and intervention modules as required, improving and refining the experience along the way.

Results – Both Corporate and Individual Goals Aligned for a Seamless Experience

The outcomes from the 62 users who were pre-selected for the program outstripped expectations. HealthPro recorded an 84 percent adoption rate throughout the program. 68 percent of the users agreed that SelfDrvn helped facilitate more effective communication between peers and also with coaches. 63 percent agreed that the Digital Health solution motivated them to strive harder and achieve more than they expected. With the help of Digital Heath, users are able to know how to lose weight in the right way and how to exercise without using any tools. The result showed that the biggest loser using SelfDrvn Digital Health solution lost 22kg. In the end, SelfDrvn did much more than just help employees lose weight. They helped align corporate and individual goals. They supported the shared objectives continuously, and in the process, created a more engaged workforce, improved productivity while simultaneously reducing ill-health related costs.