Strategies that drive a deeper emotional commitment.

How many of us have worked in organizations where the employee engagement survey is rolled out, questions are asked and yet, nothing is ostensibly done about what is suggested or complained about? How many of us find it difficult to figure out just where the moral problem lies? Employee engagement is complex and some of the methods we’ve used to address it may sometimes be flawed in and of themselves, leading to other challenges. At its crux, employee engagement brings certain issues to the forefront.

Building trust

Trust, for one. People need to be able to trust their leaders and know there will be no retaliation for telling the truth. They also need to know that their leaders are interested in what they have to share and will take relevant and timely action on feedback given. Authenticity plays a part. Feel good tactics will eventually be noticed for what it is.

This is why a platform that incorporates gamification and real-time feedback, one that puts the employee in the driver’s seat, may be what works.

A singular approach

Morpheus Consulting Pte Ltd is an eight year old company providing business consulting, application development and IT infrastructure consulting. Even with 78 employees, they found that they had limited tools and resources to hear from their employees. Their communication channels were ineffective, and as is the case for many other companies, they had limited resources for reward initiatives. They looked to SelfDrvn to help them achieve multiple aims with their employees – engagement, motivation and performance recognition all delivered through gamification.

“Using SelfDrvn has given us deep insight and understanding about the concerns of our staff and what they would like to see us implement in the company.”

Violet Tang, HR Manager, Morpheus Consulting

Embodying variable components and plug and play options, SelfDrvn is an all-in-one platform to retain, reward and engage their talent. It has helped Morpheus Consulting through a number of touchpoints including employee pulse surveys, reward and recognition programmes, peer feedback loops, goal setting, wellness games and leaderboard competitions.

Gamification as a tool

Gamifying wellness – how does that work? Since physical health is increasingly a concern that impacts organisational success and the bottom line, ensuring that companies take a positive and proactive step to address this, will add value.

But how do you do that without encroaching on an individual’s preferences and choices? Enter gamification.

Gamification has been used by companies for a long time, according to Gabe Zichermann, author of Game-Based Marketing and CEO of As Jennifer Van Grove mentioned in her article, Gamification: How Competition is Reinventing Business, Marketing and Everyday Life, the military, Hollywood and the hospitality sectors are three such industries that have employed game mechanics for many years.

Gamification is used in the corporate world for educational purposes, to encourage customer loyalty, to create buzz or for social proof. Fad or here to stay, the true power of gamification lies in how well we can align it to our business objectives. And in this context, SelfDrvn’s offering can help in retaining talent, engaging and rewarding employees, capturing and holding on to intellectual capital, perhaps even plug skill gaps. In this way, it is addressing the most common and pressing business issues with modern day solutions that work.

SelfDrvn is your all-in-one platform to retain, reward and engage talent. To schedule a 30 minute obligation free consultation, email today.