In a retail industry goods and services are sold to customers through various distribution channels and different business approach aiming to increase profits. Every industry faces its own challenges and pain points and there is no exception for retail industry. Large retailers have successfully set up the inventory management system, marketing plans and solid customer base yet they face different challenges for instance in engaging their employees and utilization of technology in business or moving from traditional approach to a modern way of operating businesses. A few retailer front liners’ pain points and solutions are highlighted below.


Pain Point 1 : Managing Ever Changing Customer Needs 

Customers love to change their needs and their preferences frequently. Adapting to seasonal trends such as hiring seasonal worker, festival campaigns and creative marketing approach during festive season helps retailers to thrive and achieve their business goals. Getting rid of traditional learning methods and follow the customer buying pattern and needs determines business success.

Solution : A bite size learning such as Podcast and Vodcast and other tools that SelfDrvn has introduced helps to increase the interest and speed of learning among learners. They now understand learning is in our hands and just a click away


Pain Point 2 : Increase Training Efficiency among the Retailers 

The conventional training in the retail industry can be expensive, time consuming and fail to meet the goals. The cost of getting the outlets employee can be exorbitant both in terms of time, sales loss and money.

Solution : SelfDrvn solutions harness the power of an engaging learning platform with anytime and anywhere access. No more additional 8 hours’ time for training, they can learn on the go with mobile application during the break and free time and engage closely with their colleagues.

Mobile learning or more commonly known as m-learning support learning with the learning needs and gives them the flexibility to learn and make learning more interactive and engaging. Many task and communication efforts with their colleagues can be done electronically with their own pace.


Pain Point 3 : Employee Engagement, Retention & Talent Development

Lack of engagement highly contributes to high staff turnover within retail industry, and is hitting high in several countries. Employees that stays around are working within an uninspiring work atmosphere. This leads to low engagement levels gearing towards unable to foster talent and unleash their true potential.

Solution : It’s time to roll-out #gamification in your engagement strategy. Learners tend to love your training content and wants to come back for more as they seek to top your Leaderboard with points and several badges. The retail industry is highly seeking for engagement champion and we in SelfDrvn is here to help them achieve their goals through our platform.


SelfDrvn Tailor Made Solutions

Journey on Retail App This client of us is experiencing fragmented communication across WhatsApp and email without no direct channel between HR and marketing teams. Furthermore, they lack of clear way to motivate employees across compliance, learning and performance outcomes and besides of managing customers, business and team, store manager is loaded with manual admin and coordination. Over the time this becomes a biggest pain point for our client and without further delay SelfDrvn jumped in to provide solutions.

Since internal communication is one of their biggest drawback, we focused on it and proposed the below solutions.


Key Results

Onboarding – Through Quest, SelfDrvn tool, it enabled HR onboarding checklist to be paperless, and step by step walkthrough for faster onboarding process. New joiners are now able to post on News feed and access to learning material via the platform. In other words, on-boarding becomes simplified and an easy walkthrough for new workers on compliance and learning.

Aligned Communication – SelfDrvn introduced a single platform for two-way communication channel, build effective communication that drives motivation & performance with easy information sharing. Employees are now able to connect directly with HR, Marketing for inquiries and it notifies employees for HR Approval in real-time. Employee has easily access to HR application and latest product updates and promotion can be shared or announced in a single platform.

Performance – By using our platform it allows individual KPI and goals to become transparent whereby Employees have a solid understanding on day-to-day responsibilities affect the company goals. This further enables healthy competition among employees through Leaderboard and helps to identify Top Performers and Under-Performers on a real-time basis that allows faster intervention especially for those who are under-performers.

Rewards & Recognition – We drive intrinsic motivation with rewards and recognition, promote positive behavior changes through timely recognition, acknowledge Top Performers with Real-World Rewards, publicize Achievements (Employee of the Month) to create multiplier effect. On top of that, leaderboard enables achievement transparency and healthy competition among employees. The platform allows publicly recognize top performer (Employee of the month) on the platform in real-time and also incentivise employees with real-world rewards

Retail Fontliners Engagement App 2 Retail Fontliners Engagement App

In a nutshell, SelfDrvn has successfully supported our clients in the retail industry in managing learning, engagement, rewards and recognition as well as performance using different and customizable tools and techniques.

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