Millennials have a notorious reputation. They are regarded as the uncommitted and lazy generation that job hops and demands more from employers.

But what if that was entirely not accurate? What if you could get more from your Gen-Y employees. That’s exactly what Janet Lee (CEO and chief consultant of 95%—culture consultants) and Lam Mun Choong (CEO and founder of SelfDrvn Enterprise—HR tech experts) explored at the recent PlaySk00L seminar: Getting the Best Out of Your Gen-Y.

Janet Lee in Bringing Out the Best in Gen-Ys talked about the reasons why it is crucial that organizations connect and build a relationship with their Gen-Y employees. She also shared reasons why Baby Boomers behave the way they do and why millennials act in a different way.

To find out what drives the visible actions of millennials in the workforce, we should examine what’s underneath. “These are the beliefs and mindsets of the person,” she explained. So, what do Gen-Ys want from their workplace?

According to Janet, “Three things, based on a talk by Daniel Pink several years ago that is still relevant today.” They are autonomy (managing results), mastery (growing and achieving their potential) and purpose (they’re making an impact).

In Engaging your Millennial Workforce with Technology, Mun Choong outlined his “Mun Chong’s theory of management” that every generation will complain about the next generation. He highlighted the covers of TIME magazine featuring Gen-Xs from the 90s, but which carried similar descriptions of the current Gen-Y.

He emphasized that getting the best out of Gen-Ys requires that the relationship between the employer and the employee is a human relationship and not a transaction. Mun Choong noted that the factors that make relationships work include two-way communication, active listening, trust and respect, timely feedback and recognition and appreciation.

SelfDrvn motivates these factors in millennials, using technology that they are already familiar with outside of the workplace. Mun Choong explained that “It allows you understand whether recognition is happening. Or whether people feel happy in the workplace, the productivity levels, mentoring from managers and so on to know whether the important factors/behaviors are happening.”

Getting the Best Out of Your Gen-Y also featured an interactive session with questions asked by attendees using the SelfDrvn platform. One highlight having employees recognized as soon as possible for their efforts makes a significant difference in motivating the performance of Gen-Ys.

A few attendees also shared their key takeaways from the event.

“It was good to talk to Janet and Munch about when you’re looking at change and people addressing issues with millennials…The good thing about this is that you brought tools and the mindset issue together. Otherwise, people will generally talk about a tool and not it’s usage. Or talk about usage situations without tools. That’s really valuable.”

— Devendran Sinnadurai, COO – ‎Leaderonomics

“My key takeaway is that I learned that I learned that I need to actually give my Gen-Y team a bigger picture. I need to paint a bigger picture. I have a very small team—only about 10 people—so what they said [about understanding the perspective from the Gen-Y side], I have to go apply it to my company. They have their own way of thinking, and I need to work together with them, to make them happy and motivated.”

— Hon Fun Ping, Managing Director – Advance Paradigm

“My key takeaway is how SelfDrvn can help with engagement and how gamification is a part of that engagement process. It was informative for myself and my colleagues.”

— Bryan Dewitt, Solutions Architect – Petronas ICT

“Considering my experience, I agree with Janet Lee saying that there are different ways to achieve any result in the workplace. My key takeaway is that both sides—management, HR and Gen-Y employees—need to understand the bigger picture and the rationale behind the employees’ behaviors.”

— Jesslyn Tan, Senior BD Executive – HealthMetrics

“My key takeaway would be that millennials need to be given a purpose and it directs everything we do. The event was interactive and good. And it was helpful to the challenges I encounter in HR.”

— Valerie Wan, HR Manager – ASEAN at IDC

About the speakers:

Janet Lee

CEO & Lead Consultant, 95%

The award-winning advertising maven achieved her dreams in her 20 years with the advertising industry. Since then, she founded several businesses and ventured into pioneering the subject matter of Corporate Culture Transformation in Malaysia. As lead consultant, coach and certified consultant of UK-based Barrett Values Centre’s Culture Transformation Tools, Janet works with C-suites to shift cultures to drive business results.


Lam Mun Choong

Founder and CEO, SelfDrvn Enterprise

A serial entrepreneur, he has co-founded several companies in Asia including Jatis Solutions (IT Consulting). Mun Choong, is also the CEO of Nettium Sdn Bhd, an MSC status company, was nominated for the GAIN Bespoke MDEC Program to develop the next Global Tech Icon, selected as a Digerati50 2016-2017 by Digital News Asia and was a winner of the Best Dojoian Award in the MDEC Leadership Dojo 2016.