An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides professional counseling where you may address a wide range of personal issues in an environment of understanding and strict privacy.

It provides you with confidential, professional consultation for problems and challenges you may be experiencing.

If you’re wondering whether EAP is for you or not, here are three benefits of using an EAP:

Identify Mental Health Conditions

It had almost been a month that Reena was not her chirpy self. She didn’t feel like getting out of bed, was feeling irritable at the drop of a hat and on most days, didn’t want to meet anyone. Till one day, one of her colleagues suggested she take some help. Upon her insistence, Reena visited her EAP counselor.

After a one hour conversation, her counselor helped her understand that she was exhibiting symptoms of depression. More than anything else, Reena was relieved to hear that there was a name to her mood issues and that it was treatable. She started working with her counselor, learnt new mood management skills and built an internal system of taking care of her mental health. Within 2 months she could take back control and her depression was much more manageable.

This is not just Reena’s story. We’ve met countless such clients, who have benefited by learning about their mental health conditions and working on them.

Resolve Every Day Life Challenges

An unresolved conflict with spouse, challenges faced as a working mother, loss of interest at work, irritability without any reason or feeling under-confident at meetings! Everyday life presents us with many such challenges.

More often than not, we have the resources to handle such challenges. It could be our own coping mechanisms, speaking with a friend or consulting a colleague.

But sometimes that might not be enough. A colleague could have a conflict of interest, a supervisor might be hard pressed for time or a loved one might not be able to understand your work situation. You might need a different perspective, an objective analysis or a patient listener. Your EAP counselor can support with all of this and help you alleviate your every day life stress.

Learn New Skills

Have you ever felt you can’t concentrate on anything? You can learn mindfulness techniques to live in the present moment.

Do you want to feel more confident? Learn exercises such as power posing to feel powerful from within.

Or are you struggling with your spouse’s anger issues? Assertiveness skills will come in handy.

These are just some examples. Your EAP can help you learn behavioral skills to level up your work and personal life.


Source: Santulan