Lam Mun Choong, on the Future of SelfDrvn as Featured on Microsoft Inspire Interview with Matthew Hardman, CTO of Microsoft APAC

By July 30, 2020December 15th, 2020No Comments

In an interview featured on Microsoft Inspire, our CEO, Lam Mun Choong, talks about how he founded SelfDrvn in 2015 with a personal mission to create a culture at work where employees are SELF-driven, not BOSS-driven.

By learning from self-determination theory that Autonomy is a major source of motivation for employees, in practical terms, our digital talent engagement platform facilitates this by helping:

  1. EMPLOYERS create an elevated level of motivation for employees
  2. EMPLOYEES figure out how to be self-accountable for how they manage their working habits, level up their own skills, and ultimately manage their own careers.

Both the above become even more relevant today, with:

  • remote working becoming the norm that many companies still struggle to execute effectively
  • the acceleration of the gig economy meaning more people are becoming their own bosses

While we continue to be available as a standalone Software-as-a-Service platform, by integrating our solution with Microsoft Teams – arguably the new ‘virtual office’ for many global teams, employees can now have a seamless experience in:

  • staying organized with team tasks and goals
  • collaborating with teammates
  • providing timely feedback on work and performance
  • tangibly rewarding employees for good performance

Essentially, the SelfDrvn x Microsoft Teams integration makes management of employee productivity, recognition, and ultimately, wellbeing– all happen in the #flowofwork within Microsoft Teams itself.

In the not so distant future, with the combination of data we get from Microsoft Teams, and the structured data we can capture out of SelfDrvn, we will be able to automate the growth of talent based on behavioural and performance data to:

  • capture a more complete picture of how individuals collaborate with their teams
  • offer employees an intelligent career coach that can recommend them new skills to acquire
  • recommend mentors to learn from within the organization
The future is bright, and we look forward to the ongoing collaboration with Microsoft to give companies the culture of work they deserve.