How do you encourage your employees to be brand ambassadors?

  1. Embrace social media.
  2. Make employee advocacy a corporate goal.
  3. Cultivate a positive working environment that has an inclusive and fun culture. Instill pride in your employees. Regularly curate good content about your employees and company events on social media. Give the public a glimpse into how life is like in your company.
  4. Share news on social, recreational and corporate social responsibility activities that make them want to share with their network.
  5. Make employees feel welcome and appreciated, with formal recognition programs for high performers. Share them publicly on your internal social network.
  6. Have programs in place to encourage employee advocacy. For example, rewarding employees with loyalty points and prizes based on the number of shares on social media and number of successful job applicants referred by them.
  7. Sharing specific company posts such as job advertisements and new product launches.
  8. Job applicant referrals to apply to the company.
  9. Referrals of new customers to the company.