Regardless of opinion, Millennials seem to be almost the largest in the workforce at the moment. A significant number of leaders especially those from the previous generations of Millennials struggle to manage them effectively. Some of the leaders over the time manage to blend in and understand them which helps in getting things done through the Millennials yet few have to call for the end of the collaboration due to the generation gap and clashes of opinion. First and foremost, the best way to manage a Millennials is to combat the most common stereotypes about them.

These 3 key highlights may help leaders to better understand and manage the millennials thoughtfully.


1. Create Meaning


Millennials strive and dream to create meaning in almost everything that they embark on. They are optimistic and always want to achieve their goals in their own unique way. Being appreciated and valued not just from superiors but peers too are some of their expectations at work, in other word recognition is their distinct feature. Work and target accomplishment is very meaningful to them as they prefer to share it electronically. One of their greatest satisfaction is the sharing on social media, being their daily and continuous boost for them both at work and personal life. They find this engaging and fulfilling.


2. Freedom is Key 


Give them the key to freedom or unlock them to achieve freedom within their known and comfort boundaries. Micromanaging is definitely not acceptable by many but then is more predominant among the millennials as they hate being micromanaged and having a close monitoring system on them. Having a personal space and a strong self-belief in themselves are ultimate expectation from everyone around them. Not just that, Millennials want their opinions, ideas and thoughts to be considered and if rejected it should be accompanied with a solid justification. This is highly essential to them. An optimistic approach and the strong self-confidence combined with ability to support and make the business lucrative and profitable in unique and creative ways are other key characteristics in them.


3. Growth Opportunity


It might not be an overstatement if I say everyone of us look for opportunity and growth at workplace and there is no exception for Millennials. With the concept of rank and file becoming outdated, a quick jump and progression in career is becoming more and more popular. A sturdy strength in Millennials is their capability to bring positive and productive changes in business and making things move with the speed of the lightning. In line with these changes and contribution to business they want a fast career progression combined with job satisfaction and concrete engagement at workplace.

In order to get the best out of Millennials, invest more time to better understand them and their working style and get rid of the wrong and harmful myths about them.



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