Managing workforce has always been an overwhelming and interesting mission for many of us. With most organization embarking on Industry 4.0 coupled with the global digital convergence, there seem to be a thrilling attentiveness and ever-changing trend in global talent. This becomes the top priority for organizations and a challenging efforts for HR and Talent practitioners. Nowadays, handling diversified team and multi generations is becoming a norm and managing cultural sensitivity and ethnocentrism is definitely a big experiment.

Researches show that that the Millennials/Gen Y will be ruling the workforce in the next few years with a significant number of Baby Boomers leaving the job market. With such situation managing the workforce diversity especially placing a greater emphasis in managing The Millennials.

In order to getting the most out of the Millennials and meticulously manage them, consider the following tips and tricks.


1. Technology Literacy

Technology Literacy

Millennials are the first generation to experience technology and internet as part of their daily life as they are born and live with it. As they embrace technology and actively engage with it, organizations should capitalize on it, to achieve their goals with the support of Millennials as they are good in digital communication both internally and externally. There is a wrong assumption, that they are solely interested only in technology. Millennials love smartphones and social media platforms, meaning that they are much more capable in applying technology at work as well as personal purposes compared to earlier generations. Capitalizing on this definitely brings success to organizations and let’s make the most out of them.


2. Work Life Balance & Flexible Working Arrangement (FWA)


Millennials don’t prefer to lock themselves with the 8 or 9 hours work schedule. They enjoy flexible work arrangement in a conducive working atmosphere and expect autonomy in their work. A significant number of them, firmly believe in having the choice of working remotely be it occasionally or exclusively as long as the job assigned is accomplished. This is definitely in line with the Gig Economy which engages on freelance assignments in the years to come. Having a strong work life balance is highly essential for the Millennials as they expect balance and creativity in everything that they are engaged in.


3. Provide feedback and be a Mentor

Provide feedback

In order to champion and get the best out of Millennials, implement inverse/reverse mentoring, which helps the older generation to polish up their technological knowledge and enhance creativity at workplace with the guidance of Millennials. Accept the fact that millennials may not respond to stiff protocols and conventional way of managing workplace and people and imposing such thing can help organization to reach the nearest exit door in business. Being permissive, flexible, encouraging, approachable and giving feedback are some of the traits that make you closer to them. The hierarchy system and being autocratic are recipe of disaster to work with Millennials.

In a nutshell, leaders working with millennials should clearly understand that mentoring, providing feedback, creating career progression and flexible work arrangement plus technology integration are key expectations in managing Millennials. Last but not least, understand that they are digital natives and both are inseparable.



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