SelfDrvn App on Microsoft Teams enabled Music Tribe to build culture and improve hybrid team collaboration globally. With SelfDrvn on Microsoft Teams, Music Tribe drove employee engagement to 88% powered by a fun, collaborative, and positive recognition culture.

Executive summary

Music Tribe is a global player in the audio-visual industry with a presence in 12 countries. With rapid growth and corporate restructuring, it needed to overcome a silo work culture by fostering close collaboration and customer obsession across different Tribes. To engage its hybrid team, Music Tribe selected SelfDrvn App on Microsoft Teams as the digital platform to create a sense of belonging and a strong culture of collaboration and customer obsession.


The Customer

Music Tribe is a global player in the audio-visual Industry. Its audio equipment has been used by legendary artists from U2 and AC/DC to Earth, Wind & Fire. Music Tribe has grown both organically and via acquisitions of brands such as Midas, Lab.Gruppen and Klark Teknik. Other brands within the company include Tannoy, Turbosound, and Aston Microphones. It is present in about 11 locations across Asia, Europe, the U.S., and Canada. It also counts integrated and automated in-house manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and China.

Music Tribe believes that its sole purpose is to empower its clients to become the most creative they can be, through its 12 Brand Tribes. Customer Obsession is their mission. Music Tribe has more than 20,000 retailers, distributors, integrators, and consultants in 134 countries.

“We believe that there is a musician in every human being. It is our purpose to make music accessible to everyone and empower you to become the most creative you can be. Happiness is helping others in a meaningful and unconditional way. That’s why we exist.”
– Uli Behringer, Founder, Customer Empowerment Obsessor (CEO)


Business problem: Challenges & Opportunities

Music Tribe was looking for a solution to improve collaboration across its matrix team structure across 12 countries. With management change and restructuring, employee morale was affected. However, Music Tribe saw the opportunity for a cultural transformation to shift employee mindsets in the following ways.

  • From “hierarchies” to “networks”
  • From “privacy” to “transparency”
  • From “controlling” to “empowering”
  • From “profits” to “purpose”

As such, Music Tribe was looking for a solution to unite 12 Brand Tribes to

  • Create a sense of belonging among Tribes.
  • Strengthen corporate identity with an emphasis on their core values.
  • Improve collaboration.


Solution Overview: How did SelfDrvn App on Microsoft Teams Help

In July 2021, MusicTribe launched SelfDrvn App on Microsoft Teams as the single digital employee experience gateway to build a customer-obsessed culture and improve collaboration between Tribes. With SelfDrvn App on Microsoft Teams, employees were engaged regularly with gamified weekly quests to have fun, learn and collaborate.


Fun-filled engagements to build social connections and collaborate

To create awareness, acceptance, and the practice of core values, Music Tribe leveraged the gamification and analytics capabilities of SelfDrvn to make desired behaviors visible. Fun and social challenges can be launched to target specific individuals and teams by their role and organization unit, improving adoption by making them more relevant and effective. Various channels of employee engagement such as instant polls, pulse surveys, pop quizzes, and quests can be configured and launched quickly on SelfDrvn, simplifying the HR administration work. Digital nudges within Microsoft Teams were used to engage employee to take timely action. Internal social sharing and peer engagement were encouraged and rewarded on the platform, making SelfDrvn a platform “for the employees, by the employees”. To encourage employees to adopt its core values, everyone in Music Tribe was empowered to recognize their fellow employees who demonstrated core values by awarding any of the five core values digital badges with points.

The data gathered through employee participation on various channels of engagement delivered real-time quantitative and qualitative insights on employee sentiment, cultural adoption, learning, and performance, enabling Music Tribe to accelerate its transformation to become a great place to work.



Using real-time recognition & rewards to reinforce mindsets and behaviours


As a form of encouragement to reward employee contribution and participation in a meaningful way, Music Tribe now offers an extensive employee rewards marketplace powered by the SelfDrvn platform. Employees who have accumulated reward points from their active involvement and contribution can exchange for company perks and a wide range of instant e-vouchers with popular merchants in their own countries. The solution has empowered Music Tribe employees to appreciate and recognize their peers who went the extra mile, no matter where they are located in. This has resulted in a positive recognition culture that further strengthened social connectedness and collaboration.

Outcomes and learnings


With SelfDrvn App on Microsoft Teams, Music Tribe succeeded in driving cultural change and improving collaboration within 12 months.

  • SelfDrvn’s intuitive, all-in-one engagement platform and its seamless integration with Microsoft Teams simplify employee onboarding and reduce the time spent on switching between different internal apps. 88% of employees were actively engaged on the platform.
  • 73% of employees learned core values by completing digital bite-sized content and tested their understanding with pop-quizzes.
  • 68% of employees were recognized with core value badges. Together with employee learning and participation data, SelfDrvn provided Music Tribe with data-driven insights on their progress in getting employees to practice their culture on a daily basis.


“As a global organization with an obsession for digital solutions, we engaged SelfDrvn to empower our Tribers with the ability to instantly recognize and reward any employee. As a platform, we not only use SelfDrvn to recognize, we also reward them which enables our Tribers to purchase what they really like. They build up their points to spend on what matters to them, whether it’s a coffee with a colleague or to treat themselves to something personal. All in all, we use it to improve collaboration across our matrix structure.”
-Lorna Stubbs, CHRO, Music Tribe


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