About Nettium

Nettium provides IT shared services in software development, 24×7 help desk and data center management. The more than 360-person team—headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with offices in Singapore—has been in the IT industry since 2009. Nettium connects online businesses to generate over US$5 billion in turnovers annually, and is one of the top 20 MSC status companies in Malaysia in revenue growth and headcount.

While Nettium is predominantly focused on IT solutions, it has strong ties to talent management. Early on, chief executive officer, Lam Mun Choong, realized that Nettium was not just an IT company. He points out that all companies find it challenging managing IT talent, but Nettium did so well managing talent that IT customers wanted them to also manage the talent.

More than just training employees however, Lam focused on creating a learning culture. “To be an outstanding company, you must have a learning culture foundation. Without it, you cannot innovate or improve; and if that happens, you end up stagnating,” he explains.

Industry Challenges

In addition to facing the same talent retention challenges that many IT companies encounter, Nettium had another increasingly popular issue—encouraging a startup culture of learning, collaboration and innovation for its employees, comprising more than 79% of whom are millennials, below the age of 35, all eager to learn and receive regular feedback.

Other challenges included high competition in attracting and retaining their best performers, and promoting strong employee engagement in a hyper-growth technology business.

Nettium started using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) digital engagement hub, SelfDrvn, to measure and develop its learning culture in 2013. After 12 months, it became evident that employees needed to be more open to new knowledge and feedback if implementing a more innovative culture was going to be effective.

To accomplish this, Nettium overturned its annual performance reviews in favor of more regular, real-time feedback system using SelfDrvn. Leaning on the SelfDrvn digital engagement hub, Nettium digitized performance surveys, HR feedback, and employee wellness.

It also tapped into SelfDrvn’s communication and social collaboration channels, and gamified rewards systems to complement the company’s standard compensation system.

How SelfDrvn Helps

Two years after SelfDrvn was adopted, Nettium has recorded a 2.6 times increase in headcount. The company also scored 67% on the Aon Hewitt High-Performance Culture Index compared to the Malaysian average of 48%. More than 90% of its employees voluntarily participate in the digital platform, an indication of engagement in company activities.

Employee retention also increased from 2013 to 2016 while employee absenteeism decreased in the same period.


SelfDrvn also allows Nettium automate its employee wellness program, from Excel spreadsheets to an automated system that uses the sensors on employees’ phones to track how many steps they take and rank everyone in a leaderboard. Employees can give and request feedback to and from each other anytime using SelfDrvn, and the engagement platform’s social collaboration and gamified tools make it an attractive solution for millennials in the workplace.