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Your organization’s ability to adapt to the Future of Work depends on not only how well you engage your talent, but also how you compete to win the war on digital talent.

  • How are you offering an irresistible Employee Experience that will attract, retain and develop the best talent?
  • How are you accelerating the pace of upskilling?
  • Are you ready for the hybrid workforce and the gig economy?
  • How do you promote the culture of agility, innovation, collaboration and customer-centricity to fuel your future growth?

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Why SelfDrvn?

Talent Outcomes. Optimised.



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Employee Wellbeing

Improvement in employee wellness program participation


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Employee Upskilling

Employees completing micro learning courses


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Digital Learning

Improvement in digital learning completion


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Employee Advocacy

New positions filled from internal referrals

SelfDrvn in Action

The Client

A regional bank with employees across 10 countries in South-East Asia, North Asia and the UK.

The Challenge

  • To improve effective collaboration and teamwork, especially between regional teams
  • The lack of knowledge about other teams at a Groupwide level discouraged collaboration

The Solution

SelfDrvn was implemented to

  • Empower managers to recognize & reward employees in real time
  • Engage employees for bite-sized learning
  • Improve collaboration across silo-ed departments, creating an inclusive culture where employees feel they belong and are inspired to aim for positive business impact

The Outcome


Scored >80% on 45 learning quizzes created by different teams at Groupwide level
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Collaborated digitally across HQ and branches
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Participation rate in cross country Wellness Steps Challenge
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Employees recognized for desired behaviors
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What SelfDrvn Can Do For You

Because we are not
your typical HR System
  • We don’t like change. By ‘We’, we mean you, me, your employees, HR, managers, everyone. You can’t blame us, it’s human nature.
  • As a result, 70 – 80% of new HR systems fail because of low user adoption when HR systems are designed around processes, not employees. And this is before HR and talent processes have to cope with the post-pandemic realities of remote, flexible work and a war for talent.
  • SelfDrvn is designed from the ground up for employees and to get you ready for the Future of Work. With Gamification, we increase organizational agility and flexibility, help employees learn and perform, and make your core values stick. Our users like us because we make work simple and we help them succeed at work, every day.
  • We help your organization embrace the new mindset of doing everything possible to make employees’ lives simpler, by breaking down silos to make HR more employee-centric. Our goal is to help you remove the barriers to employee wellbeing and performance. Your organization wins at the marketplace when your team wins at the workplace.
Build Digital Skills Rapidly

Motivate your team to learn digital skills that are in demand with a clear learning path, and to apply their skills guided by mentors.

Support Holistic
Employee Wellbeing.
  • Employee absenteeism costs companies billions of dollars in lost productivity, wages, poor customer experience and excess management overhead.
  • With remote work rising, how do you effectively support employee wellbeing?
  • Help employees bring their best to work by improving their wellbeing, socially, mentally, physically with SelfDrvn.
Improve Talent Outcomes
with Data Analytics
  • Understand your employees with real-time data across engagement, learning, collaboration, performance and wellbeing.
  • Design better interventions to improve how employees are learning, performing and collaborating.
  • Analyze behavioral data to improve engagement levels and leadership culture.
  • Help employees manage themselves with personalized dashboards to answer questions like “How am I doing?”
  • Provide data-driven nudges to help employees decide what to focus on next.
Harness an On-Demand,
Skilled Workforce with Gig Marketplace
  • Address the skills gap in your organization to deliver projects quickly.
  • Find suitably skilled employees and contingent workers to work on new initiatives with a gig marketplace.
  • Dynamically match tasks with required skills and competencies to reduce time to find the right resources.
  • Motivate your team to upskill with internal gigs.

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