Multiplatform Support

Engage your diverse, dispersed workforce from a single platform via Desktop and Mobile devices (Android & iOS)

Gamified Goal Setting & Quests

Set Goals & Quests to drive business outcomes and cultural shifts in your company. Incentivise employee achievements and upskilling with gamification of challenges.

Talent Analytics

Empower managers and employees to monitor their performance in real time. Leverage on dashboards for management decision-making.

Digital Nudges

Simplify your manager’s job. Automate management interventions with ‘digital nudges’

Internal Gig Marketplace

Engage a curated on-demand workforce to minimize waste and lower cost of labour

Remote Workforce Management

Facilitate employee check-ins and attendance to easily manage your dispersed team

Digital Rewards & Recognition Platform

Motivate full-time & gig employee performance with real-time report cards, and instant recognition with badges/points, redeemable for lifestyle rewards

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