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Here’s what some attendees had to say:

“It was good to talk to Janet and Mun Choong about when you’re looking at change and people addressing issues with millennials…The good thing about this event is that you brought tools and the mindset issues together. Otherwise, people will generally talk about a tool and not it’s usage. Or talk about usage situations without tools. That’s really valuable.” — Devendran Sinnadurai, COO – ‎Leaderonomics

“Considering my experience, I agree with Janet Lee saying that there are different ways to achieve any result in the workplace. My key takeaway is that both sides—management, HR and Gen-Y employees—need to understand the bigger picture and the rationale behind the employees’ behaviors.” — Jesslyn Tan, Senior BD Executive – HealthMetrics

“My key takeaway is how SelfDrvn can help with engagement and how gamification is a part of that engagement process. It was informative for myself and my colleagues.” — Bryan Dewitt, Solutions Architect – Petronas ICT

“My key takeaway would be that millennials need to be given a purpose and it directs everything we do. The event was interactive and good. And it was helpful to the challenges I encounter in HR.” — Valerie Wan, HR Manager – ASEAN at IDC

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