The Legacy of Maslow 

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of Maslow’s death, the man responsible for the theory behind The Hierarchy of Needs. “Maslow’s Theory”, originally devised in 1943 is still the widely accepted foundation for understanding human motivations”. In many ways he was the...

SelfDrvn Featured in Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Workplace and Human Capital Management for second year running

SelfDrvn operates as a single digital solution to engage, reward and retain talents for great organization growths. Now it is a proud moment for us as our immense efforts have been recognized for the 2nd consecutive year under the Employee Experience category for the...

AmMetlife Case Study: Biggest Loser loses 22kg through Digital Health!

Ensuring talent prioritise health and wellness brings tremendous benefit not just to the individual but the organisation as a whole, in terms of productivity and the financial bottom line. Using SelfDrvn as a digital engagement solutionto align corporate and individual goals.

A.S Louken Case Study: Simplifying Employee Communication on a Centralised Platform

Facilitate company communication and employee engagement through use of a single technology platform that is easy to access and use.

A leading professional services firm – Managers Empowering Employees Through Recognition

"As we listen to our people's feedback, we decide to focus on a few areas to enhance our employee experience. We try to cultivate a culture of real-time recognition in our company, where a simple token of recognition for a job well done can encourage our colleagues to...

Workplace Culture

Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace

I wish people could understand that the brain is the most important organ of our body. Just because you can't see mental heath issues like you could see a broken bone, doesn't mean it's not as detrimental or devastating to a family or an individual. Demi Lovato Mental...

Feedforward Instead of Giving Feedback

You’ve worked nights for many days this month and at least three weekends in a row on a big project. You’ve shown the commitment and done the time but Peter, the project manager, has called you for a meeting and has started pointing out some errors you made and the...

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6 Keys to Building a Strong Workplace Culture

Six aspects to build on every day.   What’s different about workplace culture today? One significant difference is that we’re in the age of the connected stakeholder. Whether it is your employee, partner, customer or community at large, this connectedness can...

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SelfDrvn’s PlaySk00L Gamification Series: 4 Key Insights

SelfDrvn recently held its PlaySk00L Gamification Series 2: Employee Experiences Geared for Success at SelfDrvn HQ on the 25th of July, 2018. Our participants had an engaging afternoon of learning about concepts like gamification design thinking, how to implement...

The New Era of Engagement Solutions

Start with a profound desire to understand how and why your people work. Look employee engagement up online and you shouldn’t be surprised to see a fair few articles about making the workplace more human again. More human? With the exception of certain extreme...

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Agile Performance Management

The Annual Performance Review is dead. That’s what you’d found if you are researching on the internet on employee performance management these days. Fortune 1000 companies like General Electric are reportedly abandoning annual performance reviews in favor of a more...

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Streamlining Decision Making Through Accountability

Faced with making a decision that could have potentially disastrous consequences, would you bite the bullet and take accountability? Or would you see how you could buy yourself a little more time, get just that little bit more information that will help steer you in...

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Reimagining the Employee Experience

The employee experience is about the entire journey - every touchpoint, every interaction of an employee’s time spent within an organisation. For many Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers, this may take place over the course of years, if not decades but for many folks today, it...

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Rewards & Recognition

7 Keys to Building an Effective Team

If you are looking to create a successful and productive team offsite, you may want to explore the following 7 ideas   Open Communication Announce to the team how this offsite team-building will actually improve business. Set up live business goals for the...

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5 Ways to Show Your Employees Some Appreciation This Raya

People crave recognition and understanding.   It’s often the case that we’re more comfortable focusing on the negatives, what we don’t have and on what doesn’t work than we are on appreciating the positives, what we do have and on what does work. It is because of...

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