SelfDrvn. Enterprise.


If that combination of words does not intrigue you even in the slightest, you’re lying. That was my exact thought when I first heard of the very much “self-driven” company I now work for. I did not know what to really expect from a company that offered a product to solve “employee engagement”, it was a term I never came across before. After an enlightening interview with the CEO, Mun Choong, it was clear to me his passion for helping organizations nurture their most prized assets – their employees. A simple role of Marketing Executive suddenly meant more to me – it meant I would play a part in advocating the need for engaging employees, an increasing concern especially for the swelling ranks of fellow Millennials about to enter the workforce.


I can say, with confidence, that my time here has been a boundary-shattering experience (I’ve only been working for 2 months). I was pushed off my comfortable perch and challenged to deliver. I became an information sponge, soaking up all the industry know-how with the help of my amicable colleagues, who always took the time to guide me when I needed a hand. It was deeply exciting to find out what our client’s problems were, and to see their stellar reviews after our gamified platform resolved their engagement issues through digitization of HR processes. Notice how I’ve not even mentioned the office yet (which is spectacular), since I was working in an environment that was so fast-paced and rewarding to appreciate it fully.


The Space

What We Are About


You may be wondering what the name is all about. When I joined the company, I was amazed to notice how autonomous everyone was. The systems implemented here ensured that work was directed to the relevant person through a digital board, and tasks were completed enthusiastically. That was in part due to the “goal-setting” function on our app, which rewards employees with points for every milestone achieved (yes, we are model users of our platform).


In today’s world, the needs of employees are changing. What is exciting about SelfDrvn is its ability to cater to every single one of those changing needs. Employees want to contribute to meaningful goals, work autonomously, have an avenue for continuous feedback, and essentially want more from a job than a simple paycheck and bonus. Check out our gamified platform if you don’t believe me! These values are also embedded in our work culture, making the company a great place for fresh ideas, and open-minded people to work in.


Closing Thoughts


According to Aristotle, “pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”. There is no better real-life example of this than in SelfDrvn. When you put together a young, self-driven team working towards a common goal, you get an intuitive, gamified solution that will bring positive disruption to the status quo of how employees perform, and are kept happy at work.


All-in-all, it’s been an exhilarating ride working at a high-tech company, surrounded by devoted and warm team members. I quote Steve Jobs, “the only way to do great work, is to love what you do”, and that is what you’ll find in SelfDrvn.