SelfDrvn has been selected to be part of Plug and Play Fintech’s Singapore Selection Week

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SelfDrvn has been selected to be part of Plug and Play Fintech’s Singapore Final Selection Week that took place from 26-28 August. Francis, the general manager of SelfDrvn pitched a 5-mins and 1-minute Q&A and eventually, SelfDrvn won in the selection process.

SelfDrvn participated in events and meetings within conjunction with Plug and Play Fintech Selection Week and the major highlight on 26 August. We stayed throughout the week as we were one of the 10-12 start-ups selected for the final program.

What is Selection Week?

Fintech Plug and Play Tech Centre and their corporate partners in APAC, along with the Plug and Play Ventures team, underwent an extensive round of shortlisting, in line with exploring potential business opportunities, partnerships, and investment opportunities with SelfDrvn. The Selection Week include Selection Day (26 August) in which SelfDrvn pitched to our corporate partners. The Fintech Plug and Play Tech Centre sent C-Suite and senior executives which have decision-making capabilities in terms of working with start-ups and executing pilot projects. A 1:1 deep dive and deal flow sessions with SelfDrvn and corporates in exploring business opportunities are also other efforts that were initiative.

This event connects the best start-ups from around the world to APAC’s largest financial and insurance institutions and several more major financial institutions.