Stepathon – Android – Sync and View Stepathon Leaderboard

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Stepathon is a built-in game inside the SelfDrvn platform. It allows users to track their steps, compete with friends and win prizes too!

Upon starting with Stepathon, users have to sync their SelfDrvn with any of steps-tracking app. For example, HealthKit, GoogleFit and Fitbit.

Stephon leaderboard shows users’ ranking level together with their steps count to compete for top 3 places weekly.

This section will show how to get started with Stepathon and where to view Stepathon leaderboard on an Android mobile device

1. Click on at the top left to open features menu.

2. Click on “Stepathon” under “Games” category.

3. Click on “Play Now” to enter Stepathon.

4. A simple description of Stepathon will appear. Click on

to get started.

5. User can choose which app to use to track steps and sync with Stepathon.

  • For this manual, GoogleFit (Android built-in app) will be chosen.

6. User need to link with his/her Gmail account to access GoogleFit.

A terms & condition pop-up window to link GoogleFit with Stepathon will appear.

7. Read through the T&C and clickto give Stepathon the access to read steps count in GoogleFit.

8. Once allowed, Stepathon will automatically display steps count recorded from GoogleFit.

9. User can see daily steps performances on the graph below.

10. Click on

at the top right to view Stepathon leaderboard.

Note: User needs to allow Stepathon to read Google Fit data to display steps count during first-time sync. Otherwise, steps count will be zero even after reloading the Stepathon.

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