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The pandemic has disrupted industries and accelerated the arrival of the Future of Work. Rapid digital adoption driven by COVID19 will continue into the recovery. And digital transformation is less about technology and more about people. Your organization’s ability to adapt to a digital future depends on not only how well you engage your talent, but also how you compete to win the war on digital talent. Does your organization offer an irresistible employee experience that will attract, retain and develop the best talent? Are you ready for the hybrid workforce and the gig economy? How do you promote the culture of agility, innovation, collaboration and customer-centricity to fuel your future growth?

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Why SelfDrvn?


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Topline Improvement

Increase in Monthly Sales Per Sales Rep


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Employee Wellbeing

Improvement in employee wellness program participation


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Employee Upskilling

Employee completion of micro learning


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Digital Learning

Improvement in digital learning completion


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Employee Advocacy

Staff hired from internal referrals




Employee Wellbeing

Lower annual sick days per employee

SelfDrvn in Action

The Client

One of the largest fund management companies in Malaysia with 32 branch offices and more than 2,600 agents’ branches nationwide.

The Challenge

  • The lack of learning culture affected the sales agents’ ability to advise customers, resulting in declining branch sales
  • The lack of connectivity between HQ and branches meant challenges in knowledge sharing and interdepartmental collaboration
  • High performers not recognized in meaningful ways, impacting sales growth

The Solution

SelfDrvn was implemented to

  • Empower managers to recognize & reward employees in real time
  • Engage employees for bite-sized learning
  • Improve collaboration across silo-ed departments, creating an inclusive culture where employees feel they belong and are inspired to aim for positive business impact

The Outcome


Increase in quarterly sales
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Employees collaborated digitally across HQ and branches
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Employees scored >80% on learning quizzes
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Employees recognized for application of corporate core values
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“What really excited us about SelfDrvn was the gamification aspect of the platform which is important in keeping our workforce motivated, engaged and competitive between teams when work is so repetitive, which is a large part of keeping our workforce productive.”

Ba U Shan Ting

Group CEO,
Domino’s Malaysia,
Singapore and Cambodia

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